Some Wall Street Journal TRUTHS: Women no longer want to look like they just came from the gym. 
We created PRISMSPORT so that women could WORKOUT + WALKOUT - and wear their activewear throughout their day, without sacrificing fashion or comfort. PRISMSPORT has always believed that performance + style can co-exist in the same garment. 



Check out the video for more Studio + Street looks

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Visit our exclusive PRISMSPORT POP-UP Shop with EQUINOX at 63rd and Lexington Ave in NYC TODAY.

Shop our new FUSION Collection and receive a free gift with every purchase.

VISIT US: The PRISMSPORT POP UP is open from Friday, October 23 to November 8, 2015. EQUINOX GYMS AND STORE at 63rd Street: 817 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10065. 212.750.4900. Mon-Thu: 5:30am - 11:00pm. Fri: 5:30am - 10:00pm. Sat & Sun: 7:00am - 9:00pm. 

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We're so thrilled to be featured in the Hampton's Summer Issue of The Daily Front Row! Our founders, Lori and Emily, engaged in a question and answer with the publication featured below, titled 'LIFE IN PRISM". Read about how two Dartmouth sorority sisters went from school, editorial careers, to PRINTS. Also, be sure to enjoy a sneak peek into our new Fall/Winter 2015 Collection!
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For the month of July, we are profiling PRISMSPORT Activista, Phyl London! Phyl is an exceptional trainer and creator of Bodiphy, a full mind/body work out. Read her interview to learn how she connects the mind and body for ultimate results as well as some videos to help you put her practice to the test!  


Tell us about your background with fitness.

I started my Fitness career over 15 years ago while in college at the University of Massachusetts. I got hooked on exercise physiology during my very first exercise science class!  I loved learning about the body, anatomy, and the energy systems in the body. I was hooked on studying the exercise physiology, anatomy and how the body works. I continued on to become a teaching assistant for the class, got my group exercise certification and began teaching group fitness, personal training and working and managing the UMass fitness centers.

After UMASS, I got a Master's in Education at University of Connecticut specializing in Exercise Physiology and Fitness Management. After Grad school and originally from Connecticut I wanted to live in a nearby City, so between Boston and NY, I decided on Boston because I had family and friends here.


I became a top trainer at Healthworks, the first company I applied to and am still working for 16 years later. Like most of you, I was a cardio junkie. My weekly workouts consisted of excessive running and teaching cardio classes. Then I sprained my ankle. Unable to run or do step aerobics, I became frustrated and grew depressed. Desperate to stay in shape, I enrolled in a STOTT Pilates course. To my surprise, Pilates made me stronger and leaner than all my cardio workouts had. Plus, it strengthened my core and improved my alignment, balance and control. During that same period, I experimented with a multi-movement body weighted exercise routine that also increased my heart rate and gave me that runner's high. The dramatic mental and physical changes I experienced inspired me to transition my clients to this new workout philosophy. That was 14 years ago, since then I have helped hundreds of women overcome the way they think about exercise and finally achieve their goals, all without excessive cardio.


What inspired you to create Bodiphy?

In 2013, I decided to take my ideas global and auditioned for an online reality fitness show called Fit or Flop in NYC. I was scared to show my method and realized very quickly that auditioning is very different from teaching a class to regular clients. After what I would describe as a humbling experience, I made it to the next round and worked very hard to build my audience of voters. 


I was so amazed at how many people supported my journey and followed the creation and growth of my brand and in May 2013 I won Fit or Flop America's Next Best Fitness Stars Competition! A bonus to winning was that Apogee Media, the sponsor of the event, helped me brand and market the creation of Bodiphy™. Bodiphy™ is a mind and full body workout designed to lengthen and strengthen the entire body. I have helped women shape their bodies back together after years and years of over exercise and dieting or having children. These women usually come to me when they are mentally and physically broken and cannot push themselves anymore. Bodiphy™ is a "Treat Your Body Well" fitness philosophy that helps women heal and begin to see results again.


How does Bodiphy help align the mind body and spirit?

Bodiphy™ is a series of movements that combines Pilates, strength and bar workouts that naturally challenges the heart rate. This workout leaves people feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, not exhausted and depleted.  I teach my clients that they can achieve their fitness goals through moderate exercise, mindful eating and ample rest.


 My clients range from college students all the way to college professors, one aged 75 years.  The majority of my clients are moms who are trying get their post baby bodies back after having children, but I also work with empty nesters that are in their 60’s and have needed hip replacements and other various restorative surgeries.  Every day, I bring my clients my knowledge of how to use muscles correctly and safely, but still find new ways to challenge them differently each workout and requires minimal cardio. Bodiphy produces results, it is sustainable, attainable and a reasonable workout to last a lifetime.



What PRISMSPORT print are you currently living in?

I love love love the PRISMSPORT legging of any print, but my absolute favorite prints are Twilight and Python!


A common misconception in getting fit involves a lot of crash training and dieting in which many end up plateauing. What advice could you give to those who are just starting their fitness journey and want long-term results? 

One of my biggest pet peeves about some fitness trends and workouts is that they encourage people to workout and diet obsessively and constantly to be fit. People are brainwashed to believe that they need to push harder and workout more to gain and keep results.  They are told it is necessary to be the best, "kill it", "no pain no gain" and made to feel guilty if they miss a workout. I feel other workout methods have it backwards. My method is realistic; I set reasonable and attainable fitness goals for my clients. I teach my clients to workout the optimal amount to achieve their goals. The key is to focus on multi-movement exercises that incorporate the ABC’s of fitness; alignment, balance and core all which will maximize muscle efficiency and help lead clients to safely get the results they are looking for.



Do you believe in working out everyday? How do you incorporate rest and recovery in your weekly workout routine?

I start all my clients with Core Homework, a basic routine that can be done at home or in the gym a few times a week. It strengthens the core, which is the foundation of movement. I recommend this Core Homework 3x per week and then build from there. Many TV fitness shows encourage people to workout many hours each day; I think that can discourage people from starting a workout routine and cause overuse or repetitive injuries, not to mention leave the client feeling starving and depleted of energy. I focus on building exercise into a client’s lifestyle by walking or riding a bike to work or to the gym. I also produce YouTube videos that people can do anywhere to fit into their lifestyle.  If people start with even 10 minutes 3x a week, they will feel better and be more motivated to do more. Clients will feel better in 1 week; look better in 4 weeks and experience long-term results.  Bodiphy is more than a workout, it’s lifestyle and a better way to take control of your health.



Why do you choose to wear PRISMSPORT?

I love all of the prints! A trainer’s uniform is usually all black. When I am producing my own videos or out walking my dog, I look forward to putting on something other than a solid colored outfit.  The prints brighten up my day ☺


What cardio routine would you recommend to get the best results for someone with an on-the-go lifestyle?

I find building in fitness is the best way for people with busy schedules to get their workouts in.  Combining multi-movement exercises can get the heart rate up and be both a cardio and strength workout in one. If someone loves doing traditional cardio, I certainly won't discourage, but I may have them rethink how they do the cardio and make sure they are not doing the same repetitive movement over and over again.  Teaching clients to cross train and moderate their cardio is the key for clients to see results.  I encourage clients to make time for strength training, as it will actually help them to increase their metabolism more than a basic cardio session on the treadmill.  For people who love the treadmill for cardio, I have a "Dancing on the Mill" cardio workout that goes beyond basic running.


Dancing on the Mill A

Dancing on the Mill B


What does a typical breakfast, lunch, and dinner look like for you?

I always start with my Chobani yogurt, pineapple and added probiotics and 1/2 cup of gluten free oatmeal. Pineapple aids in digestion and reduces symptoms like acid reflux that many people suffer from.


My snack is usually organic salt and vinegar almonds from Organic Living Superfoods or a Larabar with a Runa Tea, guayusa is a naturally caffeinated tree leaf brewed like a tea and provides me clean energy that slowly releases throughout the day.


Lunch is usually a grain (like brown rice or sweet potato), vegetables and some type of protein (beef, chicken or egg).


Dinner is usually delicious salad that I prepare with organic baby greens, cucumbers, carrots; peppers, a protein, nuts and cheese drizzled with olive oil and vinegar from my favorite place Boston Olive Oil Co.


Snacks can be veggies, barney butter and gluten free crackers or left overs of my earlier meals.

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Emily Vitale has been active in fashion and sports throughout her life. As an athlete, Emily was formerly a competitive freestyle skier. Currently she is an avid tennis player and trains in martial arts. 

After an early career in fashion and sports marketing, Emily left work to raise her children. She soon began crafting accessories and tennis clothes that reflected her love of color, print and texture.

Finding only monochromatic fitness clothes on the market, she co-founded PRISMSPORT with Lori Florio to share the vision that performance fitness clothing should also be fashionable. She is thrilled to see the success of this concept.

Lori Florio is a lifelong athlete and fashionista. She spends a lot of time in fitness clothing and has always tried to add some fashion flair to her outfits whether in yoga class, running on the trails, or on the tennis court. Over the years she has been a competitive gymnast, a dancer, a competitive runner, an avid tennis player and most recently completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training. 

Lori led a 17 year career in magazine publishing where she held a variety of advertising sales and management positions at several major consumer magazines. She reached the level of publisher and retired to raise her 3 children in New York City. Lori has a BA from Dartmouth College and an MBA from New York University.


How has your life experience made you the leader you are today?

EV: Honestly, I'm not sure I really consider myself a leader -I'm more of a do-er. I grew up without a father, so my mother and sisters learned to do everything a man traditionally handled--we changed the light bulbs, took out the garbage, painted the living room, and learned to use all the tools in the basement, from the hammer to the band saw. In my family success was defined as getting things done. I've carried this mantra with me throughout my career and into the launch of PRISMSPORT. It's helped me accomplish many things and overcome plenty of obstacles. 

LF: I have always been a leader; in school, in my past career, with volunteer activities and even organizing social activities with friends. I was raised to be extremely independent and make things happen for myself, so I have always assumed I could handle things. It has given me the courage to try new things and expect a positive outcome. 

How has your previous employment experience aided your position at PRISMSPORT? 

EV: My early work experience stemmed from a need to support my various hobbies and vices. I taught skiing to pay for a season's pass, and sold many of my sewing projects to support my habit of buying beautiful fabric. 

Out of college, I worked in retailing because I loved fashion--it was a great start and gave me my first taste of the fashion industry. After that, I was lucky enough to land at Ellesse in Advertising and PR. I was familiar with Ellesse from my days skiing and it became my dream company. When I joined it was a small company in NY. I gained insight on many fundamental operations of running a fashion brand that I carried over to PRISMSPORT--dealing with retailers of all sizes, manufacturing, and especially marketing. I stopped working when I had my girls, but continued to sew and sell my wares to close friends and family. Once my girls got older, I started organizing my hobby into a business with my friend and co-founder Lori Florio, and PRISMSPORT was born! 

LF: I spent the first chapter of my life in magazine publishing, where I rose through the ranks in advertising sales at New York Magazine and Seventeen, and eventually publisher of New Woman magazine. I learned to paint a verbal picture of a magazine reader, which is quite similar to creating a verbal portrait of a fitness clothing customer. My experience with sales staff and marketing teams helped prepare me for selling and marketing PRISMSPORT to consumers and retailers. I also received my MBA during this time, which allowed me to see the larger business picture and gain skills outside of my chosen field.

My "Chapter 2" was devoted to raising a family. During that time I organized and led many events at my children's schools and became president of our block association. These volunteer positions were particularly helpful in developing my collaborative skills within a group. PRISMSPORT is my "Chapter 3." For me, it is a culmination of a lifelong love of fitness and fashion. I play all my sports hard and always will. PRISMSPORT felt like a natural progression from what I learned from all my previous experiences and roles. 

What have the highlights and challenges been during your tenure at PRISMSPORT?

EV: Our highlights include: seeing our first products produced and arriving in packaged bags with hang tags--just like a "real" company; a picture of Nancy Shevell in People magazine wearing a PRISMSPORT top; a text from my daughter, who worked at ShopBop, alerting me we had an 80% sell through our first five days; and a request through our website's "Be a Retailer" from Bloomingdale's and not believing it could it really be the same one!

LF: We had no idea how hard this would all be. It is a good thing we didn't know because I don't think we would have ever done it! Now the challenge is to understand and navigate the changing retail and e-commerce environment as we build our business. The other challenge is on the creative side- how to build upon our concept, blending high performance fitness apparel with current, sophisticated fashion trends and broaden the line in terms of silhouettes, prints, colors and treatments.

How is PRISMSPORT shaking up the active apparel industry?

EV: We are one of the first active wear companies to create a fashionable product that is truly an all-sport performance product. Most brands boast that they are "studio to street"- but they either step too far away on either side of that line, offering fashionable but sub-par quality, or high performing fabrics with little style sense. With PRISMSPORT you can live in the brand and truly can enjoy it in and outside of a gym.

What advice can you offer women who are seeking to start their own business?

LF: I would encourage women who are starting their own businesses to talk to everyone they can find who is related to that industry. Ask lots of questions and listen. Learn about every area of the business, even if you are not directly involved in all aspects, because you will have a better picture and roadmap of where you want to go.

How do you maintain a work/life balance?

EV: I don't like to use the word balance because it means taking away from one to add to another in order to keep things even. It's more important how the two work together in a fluid sense. Right now I can devote more time to the business because my kids are grown, but it did take a while, however, for my family to feel empowered and self-reliant. They grew to understand that they could be responsible for dinner, calling a plumber, etc. Now they are active participants in managing our life at home, which has freed me up to spend even more time on PRISMSPORT.

LF: Maintaining balance is very tough. I have found it much harder to be an entrepreneur than a corporate executive. As an entrepreneur you make all the big decisions, but you also often have to deal with the most menial of tasks. And I never stop thinking about the business: what we could do, should do, and shouldn't do... it's hard to turn off my brain. Also, with modern communication, it is hard not to look at emails at home. I am trying to resist working on my "free" time. And my yoga practice helps me with centering and balance.

What do you think is the biggest issue for women in the workplace? 

EV: I'm frustrated with the standing stigma of women not being taken seriously in business sector. I often feel forced to bring a man into conversations with other men (and even women) to get them to listen to my suggestions, thoughts or advice. And often times they don't say anything different!

LF: The biggest issue for women in the workplace is that for most of us, regardless of how hard we work, are still the ones who run our families and homes. Kids, schools, activities, household needs, dinner on the table, bills, travel, social lives, and on and on. 

How has mentorship made a difference in your professional and personal life? 

EV: Through a network of personal and business contacts, we have made many PRISMSPORT "friends". Our FOP (Friends of PRISM) community has offered a wealth of advice, expertise and introductions. We could never have gotten this far without this support system. 

LF: I haven't had any specific female mentors, but I do have amazing, smart, sensitive, thoughtful, and insightful friends and acquaintances who inspire me everyday.

Which other female leaders do you admire and why?

EV: I admire any woman who is attempting to integrate work and family. I have learned how truly difficult it is on both fronts and learned by observing and absorbing the different and creative ways that women accomplish this feat in their everyday lives.

What do you want PRISMPORT to accomplish in the next year?

LF: My goals for PRISMSPORT in the next year including building the brand as a recognizable name, broadening the product line, increasing our wholesale distribution among major retailers, specialty stores and fitness venues and generating more business on our website.

Full Huffington Post article link here.

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Last week on June 11th we held a special gentle vinyasa flow class on the grass of Central Park! Our friends over at The Yoga Trail led the class and every student received a free pair of PRISMSPORT capris. It was amazing to see all these inspiring woman getting their flow on and Living in Prism! These are some of our highlights from the day. 


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For the month of June we sat down with our very own PRISMSPORT Spring/Summer 2015 model and Activista, Ally Love! We loved being able to learn more about her passion for fitness and nutrition. Ally believes what you put into your body fuels you just as much as a vigorous work out does. We are loving Ally’s motto “Healthy is not about being skinny- it's about longevity.”


Tell us about yourself! Where are you from? How did you get into fitness?


I was born in Miami and moved to NYC for college. I graduated from Fordham University with a BFA as a dancer. Upon graduation, I wanted to pursue being active but in an emerging arena and fitness became that active lifestyle. I began by exploring different fitness classes and gyms, during this time I fell in love with not only what you do to your body but also what you put into your body. I wanted to learn more about my new interest and completed a year at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I continuously stay tuned to what is current in the fitness world and I pride myself in being active and staying informed with the new fitness trends as well as nutrition and diets.


Do you have any tips on staying fit on a busy schedule?


Your nutrition affects your body equally as how many times a week you workout. Working out in the morning before work is always the best because you burn more calories and start your day off productively. My tip for a busy schedule is to set small goals of just a 2-mile treadmill run on your busiest day and see how much of a difference this makes.


What's your favorite workout?


I love Barry's Boot camp and summer runs in the park.




Tell us about your job and how fitness plays a role in it?


I am a host and model for the Brooklyn Nets basketball team. My image is my brand. As a model and advocate of powerful women, I stand for being healthy and not just being skinny!


What's your favorite post-workout food?


Almond butter with green apples or a hardboiled egg.


Favorite PRISMSPORT print?


Batik and bandana!




What sport/activity are you most excited for this summer?


I love to run outside in Central Park to train for the Central Park half marathon. 


What's your #1 healthy diet tip? 


Green tea, green vegetables and substitute one meal for a smoothie with hemp protein supplement.




What's the most fun part about being a model?


The best part is when my mom gets to pick up a magazine or shop and she sees her daughter everywhere. It makes my job worth it. Also, to show younger girls who look up to me that you don't have to be a stereotype to be a model. You can be healthy and fit and become successful.

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Our Kaleidoscope Loose Fit Tank was featured in the Summer issue of COSMOPOLITAN Magazine for Latinas! The tank was chosen as the ideal top for "Athleisure." Thank you, Cosmo!


Shop the tank here.


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The who is who and what is what in the pants game. Exercise pants that is. USA Today just printed their ranking of our active pants! We're once again, so excited to be ranked the #3 exercise pant in the game! It's amazing to be able to privide optimum comfort and performance to our customers- THANK YOU!



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