For the month of June we sat down with our very own PRISMSPORT Spring/Summer 2015 model and Activista, Ally Love! We loved being able to learn more about her passion for fitness and nutrition. Ally believes what you put into your body fuels you just as much as a vigorous work out does. We are loving Ally’s motto “Healthy is not about being skinny- it's about longevity.”


Tell us about yourself! Where are you from? How did you get into fitness?


I was born in Miami and moved to NYC for college. I graduated from Fordham University with a BFA as a dancer. Upon graduation, I wanted to pursue being active but in an emerging arena and fitness became that active lifestyle. I began by exploring different fitness classes and gyms, during this time I fell in love with not only what you do to your body but also what you put into your body. I wanted to learn more about my new interest and completed a year at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I continuously stay tuned to what is current in the fitness world and I pride myself in being active and staying informed with the new fitness trends as well as nutrition and diets.


Do you have any tips on staying fit on a busy schedule?


Your nutrition affects your body equally as how many times a week you workout. Working out in the morning before work is always the best because you burn more calories and start your day off productively. My tip for a busy schedule is to set small goals of just a 2-mile treadmill run on your busiest day and see how much of a difference this makes.


What's your favorite workout?


I love Barry's Boot camp and summer runs in the park.




Tell us about your job and how fitness plays a role in it?


I am a host and model for the Brooklyn Nets basketball team. My image is my brand. As a model and advocate of powerful women, I stand for being healthy and not just being skinny!


What's your favorite post-workout food?


Almond butter with green apples or a hardboiled egg.


Favorite PRISMSPORT print?


Batik and bandana!




What sport/activity are you most excited for this summer?


I love to run outside in Central Park to train for the Central Park half marathon. 


What's your #1 healthy diet tip? 


Green tea, green vegetables and substitute one meal for a smoothie with hemp protein supplement.




What's the most fun part about being a model?


The best part is when my mom gets to pick up a magazine or shop and she sees her daughter everywhere. It makes my job worth it. Also, to show younger girls who look up to me that you don't have to be a stereotype to be a model. You can be healthy and fit and become successful.

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