USA TODAY just ranked PRISMSPORT #3 in a comparison with ten other leading brands! The competition included Lululemon, Calia by Carrie Underwood, Underarmour, Marshalls, American Eagle, Nike, Forever 21, and Vimmia. 


So what was the general consensus? "After working out, I didn’t want to take these off."










STAY UP: 4.5


VPL: 5


OVERALL: 29.5/30


For the full review, read more here.



Photo: Jack Gruber, USA Today

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PRISMSPORT on the cover of June's YOGA JOURNAL!

We are so honored to be featured on the June cover of YOGA JOURNAL! Our Lipstick Loose Fit Tank is the perfect piece to take you from studio to street-- it's so versatile! Be sure to pick up a copy of the issue for some PRISMSPORT love and lots of great Yogi-inspiration!


To shop our PRISMSPORT Loose Tanks here, click HERE

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Activista Profile: Sara Haley


This month's Activista Profile goes out to our friend and fitness guru, Sara Haley. She exemplifies all we love in a hard working, self-made woman who finds time for it all! She attributes always getting a workout in to scheduling and prioritizing. These two notions seem to be a theme not only for her morning workout routine–but her LIFE! We admire her motivation and commitment to fitness as it motivates US. Learn more about this wonder woman below.


How did you first get into fitness?

It was my college sweetheart, Sean (now husband of eleven years), who really encouraged me to go after my dreams. From dancing for the NBA to performing in commercials and off-Broadway shows, I'm grateful for the ten years I spent in New York City, especially because it eventually led to my fitness career. After teaching classes all over New York City and training celebrities, my big break was being recruited by Reebok, Int. to help develop programs for JUKARI, the branded workout series between Reebok and Cirque du Soleil. This led to seven years of working as a Reebok Global Master Trainer, which included traveling all over the world to train other fitness trainers and instructors, doing media appearances, and creating and starring in numerous Reebok & Gaiam DVD workout programs.



How do you make healthy choices on a busy schedule?

The only way to do it is to prepare. Prepare snack bags of healthy choices, like carrots and almonds. I throw an apple or banana in my bag before I leave the house. If i don't prep and keep it with me then I fail. Now that I'm a mom of two if I don't get my workouts in first thing in the morning then they don't happen. I have to schedule my mornings so that workouts are a priority. It's all about scheduling and prioritizing.


What is your favorite meal, smoothie, or snack to replenish with after a workout?

Hydration is key after a workout! I like to drink Hint because it has just a hint of flavor. I really like their Hint fizz as an alternative to soda. I love my smoothies with a lot of greens. Any smoothie that has ginger and greens in it always hits the spot and keeps me feeling healthy and clean.


What tips would you give to those wanting to get in shape for the new year?

Make a list of your New Year's resolutions, and not just a mental list. Actually grab a pen and paper and write your resolutions down. Create a plan for how to achieve those resolutions. Tell someone about your resolutions and about the plan you have in place to achieve them. Set a deadline Give yourself a due date - maybe even a series of them so you can check back in with your list of resolutions at 3 months, 6 months and then again at the 12-month mark.


Why do you choose to wear PRISMSPORT?

I choose to wear PrismSport for SOOOOO many reasons.  The prints are so fun and innovative. Every time I wear them I get a compliment from someone.  Everything is so comfortable yet supportive at the same time and I love ALL the pants because they hold you in so well.  I  can we are PRISMSPORT all day because it’s sooo comfortable and versatile. It’s workout wear but you can also just wear it everyday or dress it up in to go out! Finally, I can wear PRISMSPORT no matter what size I’m in.  Since I’ve been an activista, I’ve had two babies and I’ve worn PrismSport through my pregnancies and after. The loose tanks were so great in hiding my post-baby bump as I worked to get back into shape!


How does PRISMSPORT help your performance during workouts?
PRISMSPORT helps my performance during workouts because the clothing is comfortable which leads to moving with ease.  I see vibrant colors that leads to feeling fun and energized. I see style which makes me feel confident and free. Bottom line is that all of these qualities allow for me to feel good about myself, and when that happens I perform better, which ultimately means a stronger workout and a healthier body.


What is your favorite quick, at home workout routine?

I love 30 day challenges because when I can't fit a workout in it's at least something. For example, here is a 30-day say no to crunches challenge I created. Even when I'm not actually doing the official challenge, I can grab quick workouts from it to use. My philosophy is "Something is better than nothing."  


Will you tell us a little about your journey in fitness through pregnancy?

When I became pregnant with my oldest son, Landon, I saw a lack in challenging and inspiring workout options for pregnant women. I partnered with my friend and colleague, Anna Kaiser, to create Expecting MORE®, a 6 workout prenatal workout DVD program that includes a calendar to guide women through all three trimesters. After the birth of my first son, I went on to create Sweat UNLIMITED workout DVD. Most recently, after the birth of my second son Liam, I created Expecting MORE®:The 4th Trimester Workout for After Baby & Beyond. Combining a tried-and-true fitness routine with a Mommy mindset, I was able to share all the workouts I did to get my body back after baby.


Do you engage in kid friendly workouts with your little ones? If so, how is it teaching them the importance of health and fitness at such a young age?

I do it every day. My kids know that I exercise. If you ask my 4 year old, he would tell you that I exercise to get stronger so that I can take care of him and his brother. He's seen me exercise and I've taken the time to show him how to do some of my favorite moves . They even sometimes use the exercise equipment I have in my house as toys so my son has made up some of his own exercises. He even has a 1lb kettle-bell. I love that they are going to grow up just thinking exercise is a part of living a healthy and fun life.  



What is your favorite music to listen to while working out?

My music collection is so versatile. I'm a huge Musical Theatre geek. Anything from techno to musical/movie soundtracks to even Jack Johnson when I'm stretching.


What is your PRISMSPORT style are you currently living in and why?

What Prismport style am I not living in?  I’ve really been loving Bandana & Batik, but I was on a big Aztec kick for a while (it’s all over my new DVD).  Python is an oldie but a goodie that I will never be able to let go of, and my new favorite is Kaleidoscope!


How do you come up with new fitness routines?

I was a choreographer and dancer before I worked in fitness. I take simple movements and change the rhythm, the quantity and the direction to make basic moves more interesting. Other times, I just put on music and see what moves me. I also get inspiration from the questions people ask me on social media or my blog.



INSTAGRAM: @sarahaleyfit

TWITTER: @sarahaleyfit

FACEBOOK: @sarahaleyfit


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