Our Story

When we formed PRISMSPORT in 2012 we weren’t thinking about sports. We were thinking about women. Women like us. Women who wake up at 6:30 and get to work. Women who care about their families and their health. Who love to look good as much as they love to sweat. Women who deserve to be championed and celebrated with clothing that is as dynamic and charismatic as they have to be every single day. That’s why our styles are agile, beautiful and highly functional.
Like most modern women, we (Lori Florio and Emily Vitale, two college friends) were wearing many hats at once. We were mothers, athletes, wives, yogis, martial artists, designers - and we wanted apparel that cherished each of these roles as much as we did. Plus, we were tired of traditional colors that implied we should be hiding our bodies. So we built PRISMSPORT with inspired patterns and bold aspirations - to change the way the fashion industry looked at women’s health. Long before athleisure was a buzzword or performance apparel shops occupied 5th Avenue we were here; female-focused, fully functional, embracing our inner print.